You can refer to our company’s product categories, if you need a detailed product list, please contact my email:

PMOLED: 0.42’’-3.2’’
AMOLED: 1.19’’ round display, 1.39’’
Round display, 1.41’’
Qquare display, 5.49’’
Rectangular display, 7.8’’
Flexible Display EPD: 1.54’’ / 2.13’’ / 2.9’’ / 4.2’’/ 5.83’’

We are a factory in Shenzhen, China, which belongs to the integration of industry and trade. Welcome you to visit our factory in Shenzhen.

We do not support it at the moment.
But you can introduce our display to your solution company, and we will provide you with a cost-effective display.

Our company has a professional engineering and technical department. If you have any questions about our display, please leave a message to us or send it to e-mail:
At the same time, we can provide you with technical support such as interface application notes files and driver sample codes.

Don’t worry, please tell us your requirements for the display (such as size, color, temperature range, application scenarios, etc.), and our sales staff will recommend the most suitable display for you. After confirming that there is no problem with the product, you can give it to your professional technician. If you want to learn OLED display, please let us know and we will share the learning materials with you.


You can find its download link on each product detail page. Of course you can contact us directly and we will send the data sheet to your email.

Of course, we will send you the display screen within 3 working days after receiving the payment information.

We generally ship within 3 working days and provide you with a tracking number.

Don’t worry, we will 100% test before shipment.
Our packaging is a standard international express package, which can minimize the display screen from being crushed and damaged by the express.

There is no MOQ requirement for regular-sized displays. You are welcome to place an order.

To be honest, you need to re-open the mold to customize the OLED display, which is very expensive, so we do not recommend that you customize the OLED display.
But we support custom FPC, if you need to modify the FPC of the display screen you choose, please contact us.

Step 1, you need to confirm which display FPC needs to be modified, such as 0.42’’-P34104.
Step 2, please provide the FPC drawing you want, and you need to specify the specific size. For the example drawing, please refer to the drawing page of the specification.
Step 3, our engineering department will evaluate your drawings and give suggestions for revisions.
Step 4, you confirm that the drawing is correct, and you need to sign on the drawing.
Step 5, we arrange proofing and send samples to you.
Note: The process of customizing FPC may take up to 1 month.

Generally speaking, if your product requires a small size display, OLED display can be used instead.

Smart home products: juicers, wall breakers, sweeping robots, video phones, smart water cups, fingerprint locks, body fat scales, remote controls, thermometers and hygrometers, bluetooth speakers, etc.

Smart wearable products: smart bracelets, smart watches, cervical massagers, VR glasses, T-shirts, etc.

Handheld devices: air detectors, gas analyzers, smart phones, smart PTZ, detectors, beauty equipment, etc.

Medical equipment: oximeter, sphygmomanometer, forehead thermometer, oxygen inhaler, pulse physiotherapy, atomizer, etc.

Consumer electronics: electronic cigarettes, radios, audio-visual teaching materials, electronic clocks, etc.

Others: encoder display, digital currency, POS machine screen, charging pile display, printer, copier, industrial control panel, instrument display, etc.

Payment And Delivery

Full payment. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal, Alibaba International Station, etc.

We generally divide into 3 situations:
In stock: Shipped within 1-3 days.
Not in stock, but with materials: shipped within 4 weeks.
No spot, no materials: usually shipped within 3 months. Please contact us to confirm the stock before placing the order.


Generally it is international express, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. We also support dedicated line logistics, and welcome your inquiries.

International Express: Generally, it can reach your address within 1 week. Dedicated logistics: Generally, it can reach your address within 1 month.

Sure. If we use your account for shipping, we will not charge you for shipping and will complete the shipment within 3 working days after receiving the payment information.