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As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, the smart retailing market has increased dramatically over the years. This has led to breaking new ground in terms of real-time pricing adoption. Adapting to the changes, retailers are now compelled to invest in electronic shelf labels to get real-time pricing. But what is this pricer ESL, and how does it work? Keep on reading to learn about the innovative pricer ESL technology.


What is a Pricer ESL?

Retailers use an electronic shelf label (ESL) technology to show the current product pricing on shelves. Pricer ESL also allows retailers to update pricing as frequently as they need (dynamic pricing) while reducing pricing errors.

The electronic shelf labels (ESL) are e-paper (or e-ink) based and are used to display the prices of goods at retail stores digitally. This display technology imitates the appearance of ordinary ink on paper to create a low-power, paper-like display. Moreover, e-paper is highly efficient for ESLs as these displays typically have image memory, which means they don’t require much power to keep the display running.

On top of that, the Pricer ESL system mainly has three components: RFID, AP station, and electronic shelf label.

1.     RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology and also a device that sends radio waves to identify tagged objects passively. A pricer ESL uses an RFID tag embedded in an adhesive label with a barcode. This technology is designed to execute real-time price changes.

2.      AP Station

The AP station, also known as the gateway, is an essential component of the electronic shelf label system. It connects the PC terminal and the ESL digital price tag display, so it receives data from the PC terminal and transmits it to the ESL label displays.

3.     ESL

These components mentioned above are connected to a Pricer ESL (electronic shelf label). This tool function serves as the medium through which the price is displayed and timely changed by the communication station’s transmitter and receiver.

pricer ESL

Benefits of Applying E-Paper Electronic Shelf Labels to Replace Paper Labels

E-paper price tags are designed to improve pricing execution quality, accuracy, and responsiveness. They efficiently alleviate the discomfort of physically replacing traditional paper labels, giving retail shop employees more time to devote to activities with a greater added value, such as providing excellent customer service.

§  Change Price in No Time

The management of price displays is a major challenge for any store manager. That’s where e-paper comes in; it allows its user to make real-time price changes of the product anywhere. This technology also ensures higher customer satisfaction due to its displayed price accuracy – designed to benefit both the customer and the retail store owner by advancing display compliance.

§  Maintain the Same Price across Channels

The E-paper uses e-ink labels which are highly efficient and consume less power. These e-ink price tags are bi-stable, meaning that they have the ability to retain images even when there is a power disruption. So, whether the device is online or offline, the e-paper ESL system will keep the prices safe with no disturbance in the workflow.

§  Save Labor

Using the pricer ESL, you can now save time and money on unnecessary labor. Handling and labeling can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for a store. Price fluctuations are pretty common these days, which requires hiring people to physically change labels one by one. The process is daunting and prone to human error. E-paper is the ideal solution to this problem, as it displays accurate information in just a few clicks.

§  Show Advertisement and Discount

Another excellent benefit e-paper has over traditional ones is that it can give you a medium to put up discounts. Now you won’t have to put up flashy banners and involve your employees in this. The e-ink price tag can show different advertisements, discounts, and promotions in a more modern and aesthetic way.

§  Show Trace Information

The e-paper software allows for logging each product’s traceability, allowing the customer to benefit from all selected information, whether it is managing rented items, reselling them, or renting them out again. It allows customers to view all of the vital information they need on display, for example:

  • Product weight, size, and usage information
  • Perishability, “best before” date, or any other indication
  • Rental rates and terms
  • Consignment information

pricer ESL

Become the Leading Smart Retail Store in Your Area with FET Smart E-Ink Display

Want to make your store operations even more efficient with pricer ESL technology? Invest in FET’s 4.2” E-paper/ E-ink small display FET E042A07-A2.

The FET three-color Electronic Ink display ranges from 400×300 pixels and can make your work more efficient due to its real-time changing, bi-stable display, which can put updated price tags without any hassle. Additionally, its wide display is ideal for displaying attractive deals and advertisements to keep your business busy with customers.

The smart display is not limited to only pricer ESL use; this device can also be used in employee IDs, access control cards, business cards, school cards, and shelf labels.

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