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FET Touchless Human-computer Interaction Module (

DCT-plate Type-N Contactless Interactive Holographic Imaging Elevator Button


– Features with interactive aerial imaging technology.
Imaging could be completed without media or any physical screen.

– Features with a sensitive interactive response.
The product is simple and easy to operate, the delay is within millisecond.

– The operations could be completed without any contact, which eliminate the risk of cross infection caused by contact.

– The product is contamination-free, the problem of bacteria and virus residues normally seen in traditional elevator system is solved.

– The product is desianed with a stable and compatible system, which quarantees its stable and steady performance as well as a seamlessly access to the original system.

– The product has a privacy protection feature.
The viewing angle is designed to allow user read the information while preventing other people from peeping.


Application: Elevator button panel, ATM machine, vehicle display, operating table infection-free display, advertising display, science and technology museum button, kitchen range hood, etc.


Product Overview

The Touchless Human-computer Interaction Module (Type-N) integrates
 world leading Interactive Aerial Imaging Technology, which
could be seamlessly accessed to the elevator system without interfering its

Elevator is a public place that may be filled with huge people
flow, and its button system is repeatedly used and touched every day.
However in most cases, traditional elevators are equipped with physical
buttons that requires actual touch. There is a huge potential risk of getting
infected through those physical buttons. With the help of Touchless Human-
computer Interaction Module (Type-N), operation panels and interfaces
of the elevator could be displayed in the air without the help of any other
display medium. Users could complete the whole operations directly in the
air without any touching. The module has a sensitive interactive response,
stable and steady performance as well as presenting the user with a sense
of technology.


Product Features


Product Parameters



Dimension Drawing of the Module