OLED Display

What is an OLED display?

What OLED means? OLED flexible screen is a phenomenon in which organic materials emit light by carrier injection and recombination under the action of an electric field. OLED technology is a technology that converts electrical energy into light energy through organic light-emitting materials and is called the third-generation display technology. OLED flexible screen is not only thinner and lighter, consumes less energy, higher brightness, good luminous efficiency, can display pure black, but can be curved, such as today’s curved OLED TVs and mobile phones. It is a new generation of display technology after CRT and LCD, and is known as the “magic” display technology.

What are the types of OLEDs?

From the classification of device structure,OLED flexible screen can be divided into four types, namely single-layer device, double-layer device, three-layer device and multi-layer device.

Classification from the driving mode, generally divided into two types, one is active, the other is passive. The active type is generally active matrix OLED (AMOLED), and the passive type is passive matrix OLED (PMOLED). In the actual application process, AMOLED is mainly used for high-resolution products, while PMOLED is mainly used in displays with relatively small display sizes.

Sort by material. The materials constituting flexible OLED display are mainly organic substances, which can be divided according to the types of organic substances, one is small molecule and the other is macromolecule. The main difference between the two devices is the manufacturing process. The small molecule device mainly adopts the vacuum thermal evaporation process, and the polymer device adopts the spin coating or spray printing process.

Technology & Innovation

FET is committed to discovering and developing new types of displays. Whether in the OLED industry or the emerging display industry, we will all be at the forefront of technology. If you have new ideas, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to exchange new technologies with you.

Innovation of monochrome OLED display

At the end of 2005, our OLED factory launched a new monochrome series of all-yellow 128×64 dot matrix flexible OLED display.
Compared with other small-size OLED panels for mobile phones and MP3, this OLED display module has the characteristics of higher brightness, purer color, larger panel size, and thinner thickness.

Innovation of Flexible display

In 2014, our flexible screen factory released the world’s thinnest full-color AMOLED flexible display with a thickness of only 0.01 mm in the international industry, and successfully docked with the mobile phone platform.
The thickness of the complete flexible display is only about 0.01 mm (10 microns). Due to its ultra-thin thickness, the bending radius of the flexible display screen can be as small as 1 mm, and you can bend it arbitrarily.

The emergence of interactive holographic imaging

Under the principle of light field reconstruction, the DCT-plate reconverges the diverging light in the air to form a real image that does not require a medium to carry. Combined with interactive control technology, human interaction can be realized through the created holographic imaging.

Our Service

FET is a professional OLED Display Supplier. We provide a wide range of standard Passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) / Active-matrix OLED (AMOLED)/ Electronic Ink Display / OLED Lighting Technology / Interactive Air Imaging Technology.FET also provides Contactless Ordering Machines, Touchless Human-computer Interaction Module, E-ink Display, Touch Module, and other products.

These products have been widely used in restaurant orders, elevator buttons, self-service terminals, smart wearable products, smart home appliances, medical equipment, electronic cigarettes, supermarket electronic shelves, and other scenarios.

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Major Product&Custom Services

1.77 inch 45 pin SSD1353 full color oled display

Size: 1.77 inch
Model: P16803
Driving Method: Passive
Matrix Color:262 K color and 65K colors
Resolution: 160*3*128
Driver IC: SSD1353

FET 0.42” Smart Lock Display

Size: 0.42 inch
Model: P34104
Driving Method: Passive Matrix
Color: White
Resolution: 72X40
Driver IC: SSD1306

0.96 inch two-color OLED display for oximeter screen

Size: 0.96 inch
Model: P27601
Driving Method: Passive
Matrix Color: Blue/Yellow
Resolution: 128X64
Driver IC: SSD1306

FET 1.1” Smart Home Appliance OLED Display

Size: 1.1 inch
Model: P27902
Driving Method: Passive
Matrix Color: White
Resolution: 96X96
Driver IC: SSD1327

FET 0.66” Smart Home OLED Display

Size: 0.66 inch
Model: P39303
Driving Method: Passive Matrix
Color: White
Resolution: 64X48
Driver IC: SSD1306 

Wholesale 1.4 Inch Color Display Module Round Oled Display For Smart Watch

Size: 1.4 inch
Model: E1393AA62.A
Driving Method: Active
Matrix Color: 16.7M Colors
Resolution: 400RGB×400
Driver IC: RM67162 Application: smartwatch, smart car display


Smart home products allow you to enjoy the beauty of technology at home

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As thin as butterfly wing: thickness of 0.01mm; Flexible form factor: bending radius of 1mm

Interactive Holographic Imaging (DCT-plate)

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